Excellence in Management =
Executives + Teams + Lean Management + FSMax Software

Using Lean Management techniques, FSMax has been studying all operational flows for Cafeterias, in order to rationalize such flows and include as much technology as possible in the processes. FSMax has inserted in a Tablet all information about ongoing processes, so the manager can excel in his/her management, maximizing results. It controls Production Orders, the amount of Customers up to that moment, if too much material is being used, if quality standards are being respected (HACCP), receives messages from Customers in case a problem occurs, etc.

By the end of each order, the Manager gets in his/her Tablet / smartphone a series of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as a comparative between planned and real costs (in that day and in the month), planned and real sales, planned and real operational margin, events that impacted the costs in each Unit, etc...

If the Operations Director or Supervisors wish to keep track of the operation of a specific Cafeteria in real time, they might use a Tablet on the WEB to obtain the same information, and at the same time, that the Cafeterias´ Manager does.

As for Food Service Management Companies, the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are automatically sent so every hierarchical level in Operations gets the results of his/her area: Supervisors, Regional Directors and the Directorship of Operations. Besides that, they will be sent to all the Directorships of Headquarters, who will be able to access a tool of FSMax System to communicate to the Directorship of Operations their recommendations to improve the performance of a specific Cafeteria, a specific Supervision, a specific Region or the Company as a whole.

Customers may take part of a Quality of Life Program, that allows them to record on their smartphones their profile and their wish to keep, lose or gain weight. The System calculates the number of calories they should ingest according to their purpose. The System shows the menu of the day on their smartphones, and the customers choose the dishes. The System compares the number of calories the chosen dishes contain to the number of calories that should be ingested. The Human Resources Director may keep track of people’s evolution.

If you want to know how FSMax Software and its Integrated Management Model are helping other managers/executives like you to significantly improve their management, please contact us and request a 20-minutes online presentation.