Cook & Chill Kitchens

Excellence in Management =
Executives + Teams + Lean Management + FSMax Software

FSMax System has been used for over 20 years to support executives managing Cook&Chill Kitchens.

Every external client or company employee registers at FSMax System (WEB) the Orders to Cook&Chill Kitchens.

The System groups all Orders and creates a suggested Production Program for the Cook Kitchen for a specific period that may be adjusted.

In the sequence, the System calculates the material needed for each day of the period planned.

It purchases the material on the WEB and generates orders for suppliers.

When the material arrives, the System compares the Order to the Invoice. Using a smartphone device, temperature and other quality standards are checked and tags with barcodes are created, containing batch information and expiry date.

The Kitchen´s manager has a Tablet where he/she accesses the daily schedule and releases the Production Orders. Automatically FSMax System sends to the warehouse officer’s smartphone the material to be separated and sent to each of the kitchen’s Production Cell. The System sends to each Cell’s smartphone the tasks to be performed and informs which products and equipment should be used. When a Cell finishes a Production´s Order, the System prints a tag with barcode, batch and expiry date/hour, besides checking quality standards.

When production is finished, the System connects to the packing machine, printing tags with barcodes for each package.

After that, the System connects to the Cooler, checking quality.

Finished products are sent to the Finished Product Warehouse.

On the day of dispatching the products, FSMax System prepares Picking, Route by Route, and issues Delivery Invoices to each location.

For Traceability, the System automatically records all the steps of the processes.

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