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Executives + Teams + Lean Management + FSMax Software

FSMax has been developing the most advanced Management Model for Nutrition and Dietary Department (NDD) for Accredited Hospitals in several parts of the world. The goal is to implement in the NDD the highest level of management. When the Hospital wishes to obtain the highest level of Accreditation, the NDD will already be ready.

The System integrates to the management system of the Hospital to obtain the data of the patient of each hospital bed. The System prepares a list of the patients that should be visited that day by the dietician, who are the new patients and those scheduled for that day. The manager of NDD uses a Tablet to assign each dietician with a number of patients.

Every Dietician receives in his/her Tablet the list of patients he/she is responsible for.

The Dietician performs the visit with a Tablet with the best scientific tools he/she needs to provide the best Nutrition Assistance, completely paperless. On the Tablet there are the Nutrition techniques we have collected worldwide. The Manager of the NDD follows on his/her Tablet the progress of the visits as well as if visits are behind or ahead schedule. Therefore, the Manager of the NDD may transfer patients from a Dietician list to another Dietician.

The patient may use his/her smartphone to choose options of dishes for his/her diet.

The diet assigned to each patient is transferred to Diets´ Production: Oral, Enteral, Pediatric, etc...

Production will be performed according to the highest levels of quality: HACCP, barcode with the name of the patient, traceability, etc. In case the hospital has a Cook & Chill Kitchen, FSMax System assures the best methods for the management of the kitchen.

The System prepares tags with barcodes with the name of the patient, room number, diet composition (oral, enteral, pediatric, etc.) for producing the diet.

The System controls diet distribution from the moment they leave the kitchen to the time they are delivered to patients. In order to assure that each diet is delivered to the right patient, the System reads the barcode of the tags and the patient’s barcode.

The Manager of the NDD has access to a screen that shows the trays and equipment that should be collected and where each person in charge of collecting them is. These people make use of a smartphone to read the barcode of the collected trays and automatically the information about the time of collection gets recorded to the System.

When the trays are back, the barcodes of those that were not touched or that contain significant quantity of leftovers are read, so the information about Left Over of these patients is recorded in the System.

Patients and accompanying persons may use their smartphones to ask for Room Service. FSMax System is being used by some of the best public and private hospitals of several countries, those that intend to increase the level of Patient Satisfaction, since they learned from surveys that patients who are satisfied with the food provided by the hospital tend to show satisfaction with the hospital itself.

If you want to know how FSMax Software and its Integrated Management Model are helping other managers/executives like you to significantly improve their management, please contact us and request a 20-minutes online presentation.