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Executives + Teams + FSMax Software = Excellence in Management

Executives at Contract Food Service Management Companies have been facing increased challenging business goals: improve results for stockholders, develop customer loyalty, improve company’s competitiveness, etc. Searching for tools to help them meet their goals, some executives have decided to implement a Program for Continuous Improvement in Management that has already been employed by many companies from different business segments, showing very good results.

FSMax has been working for over 30 years in giving executives support for the management of Contract Food Service Management Companies. FSMax holds subsidiaries in the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil, with customers in 13 countries, in 4 continents. FSMax has acquired from worldwide executives a vast amount of knowledge, in different countries. Such knowledge has been converted in computerized tools and included in the FSMax System. Other tools, currently used in other segments, were included in the system as well: Lean Management, MRPII Manufacturing Resources Planning, KPI Key Performance Indicators, BSC Balanced Scorecard, etc.

FSMax is an Institutional Food Service Management Software for executives and their teams who are looking for improvement in their results through a Program of Continuous Improvement in Management. For each step of the management process, there are a number of solutions in the FSMax System. Such Solutions were developed by FSMax and tailored to the needs of executives worldwide, who are getting good results with their use. FSMax makes available to executives the best Food Service Management Solutions, which are being used by other executives in other countries throughout the world.

Each executive chooses the most appropriate set of management solutions considering his/her reality. If other solutions are needed, FSMax will develop them, since it is very important for the executive and the team to get the exact solutions they need. As a consequence, FSMax is continuously developing new solutions and improving the ones that are already resident in the software. Solutions always simplify tasks of all people involved in the processes, regardless their hierarchical level, since a big deal of the work is automatically performed by the system itself, reducing everyone’s workload.

FSMax has developed several services for all types of customers of Contract Food Service Management Companies, and those services indeed help companies in selling contracts and developing customer loyalty.

The biggest global challenge for food service executives and their teams is the feeding of athletes and their teams at the Olympics and Paralympics Games. In the case of Rio 2016, there were more than 1,500,000 meals for athletes and teams, from 200 countries, with different eating habits. Executives and their teams have had to achieve very high quality management standards set by the International Olympic Committee and the Contract Food Service Management Company for which executives and their teams work. To assist them in managing this complex operation, they used the FSMax System - Institutional Food Service Management Software for Food Service Executives. Not only the athletes were able to break records. The executives and their teams also did it, breaking records of high quality management, providing great services for the athletes / teams and great results for their Contract Food Service Management Company.

FSMax Institutional Food Service Management Software will help executives in managing Cafeterias, Hospitals, School Meals, Nursing Homes, Cook & Chill Kitchens or Hot, Remote Sites, Correctional Facilities, Military Facilities, Programs of Quality of Life, Snack Bars, etc. It will perform automatic Menu Planning, Bill of Materials, Supply Chain, receipt of material, traceability, quality, inventory, production, calculate actual cost and compare it with planned cost, highlight problems and deviations, customer loyalty, etc.

The System uses the concept of Management by KPI – Key Performance Indicators, in order to integrate the countrywide management of such companies, creating a strong management synergy. The headquarters of the company will define the KPI that will serve as basis for the management of the company throughout the country. KPI will flow to all hierarchical levels of the company: Country, Regions, Districts, Sites (Cafeterias, School Meals, Hospitals, etc).

FSMax System has an Active Management Module to follow up planned and actual KPI of each sector of the Company, countrywide. Executives and Managers can access this module by cell phone.

FSMax System is able to send information to Marketing, Sales, IT, Human Resources and Accounting Departments, among others.

FSMax System allows integration with ERPs (Oracle, SAP, etc).

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