Continuous Improvement in Management

Excellence in Management =
Executives + Teams + Lean Management + FSMax Software

Once the new Management Model is implemented, its evolution has to continue. Executives and their teams should implement a Program of Continuous Improvement in Management.

A Program of Continuous Improvement in Management is viable for any executives in Food Service, from small Self-Managed Operations to big International Collective Meal Companies.

At least once a month the executive should have a meeting with his/her team to revise the events of that month: problems that occurred, new trends in the Market, new goals, etc. Ideas for improvement should be taken into consideration and a decision has to be made about the processes that need improvement. Additionally, the company should always try to create new services to be offered to the clients.

Every month at least one improvement should be implemented.

If you want to know how FSMax Software and its Integrated Management Model are helping other managers/executives like you to significantly improve their management, please contact us and request a 20-minutes online presentation.