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School Meals is one of the most demanding segments for managers, because their budget is usually low and they have to provide quality meals, nutritionally balanced.

Whatever the structure of your School Meals is, you will be able to perform your management with excellence. In 25 years working with School Meals, FSMax has developed Management Models for every type of School Meals. The Models have been included in FSMax System.

There are several types of School Meals:

a) Extent:

We have clients that manage meals in just one school, others manage a group of private schools, others manage meals of all public schools in a town/county, others manage all schools in a state, universities, etc. One client have been using FSMax Software to manage 3,000 schools simultaneously.

b) Service:

In some countries meals are collective, which means that the same menu is served to all students of the same age group in a school. In other countries menus are served to groups of students: celiac, diabetics, religious (Muslims, Jewish), etc. In other countries, at least a part of the meal is individual.

c) Preparation:

Some clients produce meals in each school. Others produce meals in a Central Kitchen (Cook & Chill or Hot) and deliver them. Others prepare meals partially in a Central Kitchen and partially in the school. The System controls all production and distribution. Some clients transport meals in collective containers and other in packages sorted by tables, in which a group of students will be placed.

d) Ways to serve the meals:

There are many ways to serve meals, from the traditional service line to the one that heat Cook & Chill packages a few minutes before students leave for the break. In this case, when students reach the tables where they are supposed to have their meal, they already find the exact number of heated meal packages for the number of students supposed to be at that table. Students help themselves.

e) Payment:

In many countries, meals are free and in other countries parents pay for the meals. Price is lower if students eat at school every day and higher if the students have their meals at school sporadically.

After analyzing the management methods of the System, you will be able to create a specific set of methods that fit your reality, aiming to maximize your results.

Parents may check the menus that will be served to their children, as well as the nutrition facts, using their smartphones.

FSMax System will automatically prepare the Menu Planning, calculate the material that is needed, access Supply Chain, receive material, control traceability, quality (HACCP), control inventory and production, calculate costs and compare planned costs to real costs, show problems and deviations, etc.

FSMax has integrations with ERPs (Oracle, SAP, etc.).

If you want to know how FSMax Software and its Integrated Management Model are helping other managers/executives like you to significantly improve their management, please contact us and request a 20-minutes online presentation.