Distribution Centers

Excellence in Management =
Executives + Teams + Lean Management + FSMax Software

FSMax System fully manages Distribution Centers using smartphone devices, barcodes, traceability, etc.

When receiving material, the System compares the invoice to the purchase order. It performs a complete Quality Control (temperature, package integrity, etc.) It prints tags with barcodes containing shelf life date and other information.

The System establishes where in the Distribution Center the received material will be stored.

If the place is a cold chamber or a freezer, the System connects to it to keep track of temperature variations.

If non-conformity is detected, FSMax System immediately warns those in charge.

FSMax System:

a) Guides product picking based in the order of physical location and reading their barcodes.

b) Prioritizes withdrawal of material whose shelf life date is closer.

c) Compares the load of a Route to the capacity of the truck assigned to that Route.

d) If necessary transfers the cargo of a truck to another one in a different Route.

e) Issues Delivery Invoices for each Route.

f) Performs the Inventory using a barcode reader.

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